N Dalmatinska St Knez Danilova St Starine Novaka St Stanoja Glavaša St Phase I - Building completed - October 2015. Phase II - Building completed - October 2016. Phase III - Building completed - November 2017. Phase IV - Building will be finished - February 2018. Phase IV - Building will be finished - Spring 2019. BUSINESS GARDEN - will be finished Q1 2019.
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The living area of Central Garden is designed to suit all generations and lifestyles, from family life to modern-day urban one. Apartments are designed to be modern and are characterized by exceptional functionality, spacious living rooms and private sleeping quarters, a sense of privacy and comfort. They are very bright, and are adorned by wide selection of top quality materials of construction and finishing.

During the first and second phase of the construction, two seven-storey buildings with nineteen different housing structures were built. Apartment structures varied from studio to three- and four-bedroom penthouse apartments, and from 34 to 200+ square meters. The third stage includes two eight-storey buildings, with residential structures that go from studio to penthouse apartments, and sizes from 32 to 200 + square meters.
The fourth stage is going to be carried out in two parts. The first building is a seven-storey building with residential structure selections from a studio, to four-bedroom apartments, going from 32 to 130 square meters. The second building will be consisted of four-bedroom apartments, and two types of two-bedroom flats.

Ugao Dalmantinske i Stanoja Glavaša, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

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