Underground garage with video surveillance extends over two levels below the buildings of the first two phases, while due to the sloping terrain in the coming stages it spreads over three levels. Upon completion of the last phase of construction, the garage will also be accessible from Starine Novaka street, while the connection with Dalmatinska access will be possible through levels -1 and -2. The underground garage will contain a total of 444 parking spaces and allow for your automobile to be safe and protected from all weather conditions and the elements. Choose your place on time, since life in the city has never been this comfortable.
Floor: the final wearing anti-slip epoxy floor, Technical Floor GSM or similar
Wall: Painted
Ceiling: Painted

Level 0

Level -1

Level -2

Ugao Dalmantinske i Stanoja Glavaša, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

Mob:062 303050

Working hours 10h - 18h

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