Central Garden with its position offers wide variety of social, educational life and a large assortment of recreational activities, cultural content and everything important to you that is located in the neighborhood just a few minutes’ walk away.
Tašmajdan park
10 min
Address: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra
It represents the most exciting part of the municipality of Palilula. It was built in 1954. Green areas on which you can enjoy both walking as well a spending quality time on of the children playgrounds, all in a natural environment. Park borders with the municipality Vračar on the south, and municipality of Stari Grad on the west.
Botanical Garden ’’Jevremovac’’
5 min
Address: Takovska 43
The Botanical Garden covers an area of about 5 hectares, where on an open space there are over 350 species of trees and shrubs of local, European and exotic plants, and the total plant population now includes more than 1500 trees, bushes and herbaceous plants.
Pionirski Park
15 min
Address: Nikole Pašića Square bb
The Pioneer Park is one of the central Belgrade parks, situated between Boulevard of King Alexander and streets King Milan, Prince Miloš and the Dragoslav Jovanović. Within the park there is a promenade Andrićev Venac, in which the monument to Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric takes central spot.
The Ćirilo and Metodije Park
15 min
Adresa: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra bb
One of the oldest parks in Belgrade. The citizens of Belgrade commonly refer to it as "park near Vuk", since monument to Vuk Karadžić, a linguist and the reformer of the Serbian language is in it.
Bicycle Track Dorćol
35 min
Address: Dunavski kej
The start of the bike track that goes along river bank is on Dorćol. The path can take you to Ada Ciganlija Lake, or New Belgrade and Zemun, and all the while you would be cycling on the track specifically designed for that. The track is of a recreational type, linking residential areas on the Danube and the city center with Ada Ciganlija Lake – the most visited recreation destination in Belgrade. The trail is two-directional, high-quality surface and properly marked.
Alchemist Ladies fitness club
15 min
Address: Krunska Street 17
Since its opening, it has been following global trends and technological advances in the field of fitness and healthy lifestyle.
Feel Pilates studio
15 min
Address: Ivankovačka Street 6
Studio that specializes authentic Pilates on original devices and helps gain posture and flexibility of the body, regardless of the age of the individuals practicing.
Superior Gym
10 min
Address: 27. Marta Street 35
Joining tradition and experience with modern technologies and new programs, we have started a mission, for a healthy body and healthy mind as well as a unique approach to every practitioner.
Black and White fitness club
10 min
Address: Takovska Street 22
Studio that combines fitness and healthy living and provides the latest information from the world of recreation to its customers.
Just fit power plate studio
5 min
Address: Knez Danilova Street 22
Studio that provides improvement of fitness, strength increase, metabolism acceleration, weight loss, skin tightening, cellulite removal, the increase of flexibility and advice on nutrition.
Sports Arena Pionir
5 min
Address: Čarlija Čaplina Street 39
One of the major sports arenas of the city and the place where regular matches of basketball clubs Partizan, Red Star and OKK Belgrade take place. Occasionally, the matches of all volleyball, handball and basketball national teams are played there as well. In addition to sports tournaments, other events in the spirit of sport and music are also held in this arena.
SRC Tašmajdan
5 min
Address: Ilije Garašanina Street 26
Sports and Recreation Center that offers a wide range of sports activities, as well as relaxation. On Tašmajdan you can choose: fitness, physiotherapy programs, massage, swimming, sauna, water polo school.
University Library
15 min
Address: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 71
College of Textile Design, Technology and Management
5 min
Address: Starine Novaka Street 24
Faculty of Mining and Geology
5 min
Address: Đušina Street 7
Faculty of Technology TMF
15 min
Address: Karnegijeva Street 4
Faculty of Machine Engineering
15 min
Address: Kraljice Marije Street 16
Technical University (Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and ETF)
15 min
Address: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra Street 73
The Faculty of Law
10 min
Address: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 67
3rd Belgrade Grammar School
20 min
Address: Njegoševa Street 15
5th Belgrade Grammar School
10 min
Address: Ilije Garašanina Street 24
1st Belgrade Grammar School
15 min
Address: Cara Dušana Street 61
Vladislav Ribnikar Primary School
20 min
Address: Kralja Milutina Street 10
Drinka Pavlović Primary School
15 min
Address: Kosovska Street 19
Vuk Karadžić Primary School
10 min
Address: Takovska Street 41
Starina Novak Primary School
5 min
Address: Knez Danila Street 33-37
Juca Dečija Otkrivalica Kindergarten
5 min
Address: Jelene Ćetković Street 12
Poletarac Kindergarten
5 min
Address: Kraljice Natalije Street 46
Snežana Kindergarten
5 min
Address: Đušina Street15
Neven Kindergarten
5 min
Address: Vladetina Street 9
Pionir Kindergarten
5 min
Address: Dalmatinska Street 45
Green Market Palilula
5 min
Address: 27.marta
The green market that bears the name of the municipality in which it is located, is placed in the immediate neighborhood – and offers a wide range of fresh foods and groceries.
Green Market Bajloni
15 min
Address: Džordža Vašingtona Street 55
One of the biggest and best-stocked green markets in the city, situated in the municipality of Stari Grad.
The Institute of Culture Palilula
15 min
Address: Mitropolita Petra Street 8
Cultural Institution Palilula with its program is encouraging promotion of the values of open and democratic society, in cooperation with local, national and international artists and art groups, both professional and amateur.
The Institute of Culture Vuk Karadžić
10 min
Address: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 77a
Cultural institution that offers rich content in its repertoire: theatrical, literary, educational, exhibition, musical.
Bitef Theatre
15 min
Address: Mire Trailović Square
Bitef is an avant-garde theater, located in the vibrant theater space of the reconstructed Evangelical Church in the heart Dorćol, the city core. It is a theater of the artists-explorers, the theater of experiment, the theater that creates culture without hiding behind veils of predominant cultural models.
Atelje 212 Theatre
15 min
Address: Svetogorska Street 21
The theatre which, since its founding in 1956, has been contributing to the development of theater arts in the city center and bringing together generations of fans of the theatre stage. It has two auditorium halls: Mira Trailović Scene and Petar Kralj Scene.
The Little Theatre Duško Radović
10 min
Address: Aberdareva Street 1
Belgrade’s most famous puppet theater for children. The theater based on the belief that the puppet theater for children must actively correspond with reality, dealing with all the issues that are current in contemporary society. The “Little Theatre” Dusko Radovic has in recent years become a place of active dialogue, especially between the theater and its audience.
The Municipality Zvezdara
15 min
Address: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 77
The City Center for Social Work
10 min
Address: Cvijićeva Street 110
The Archive of the Republic of Serbia
10 min
Address: Karnegijeva Street 2
The Municipality Palilula
10 min
Address: Takovska Street 12
The Treasury
5 min
Address: 27. marta Street 28
Gradsko Stambeno Communal Services
5 min
Address: Kraljice Marije Street 17
The City Government
5 min
Address: 27. Marta 43 – 45
Dr Milutin Ivković Hospital
5 min
Address: Knez Danilova Street 16
An institution with twenty-five ambulance stations and with about 800 employees trained for effortless teamwork, provides adequate access to health care to all citizens of the municipality of Palilula.
The high quality service is confirmed with application of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 (12.04.2000-11.04.2003) and later – with the accreditation of the second degree.
The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
15 min
Address: Nikole Pašića Square 13
The National Assembly is a monumental edifice, built on area between Kosovska and Takovska Street, Nikola Pasic Square and Vlajkovićeva Street. It is near the Old, as well as the New Palace, next to the Royal Gardens (now Pioneer Park), with which it forms an architectural unity. The building was built in the period of 1907 to 1936.

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